Charity Work

Growing up in South Africa and facing some challenging times in my own life, God has placed it on my heart to sow back the seeds of my blessed life.

During our annual family vacation this year we visited Miracle Kidz Safe House in Cape Town, South Africa.

Miracle Kidz Safe House is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that provides care to abused, abandoned and neglected babies and children.

Miracle Kidz is not just a safe house for abandoned and traumatised children but almost, without exception, the children that are placedin their care are all afflicted to some extent with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and/or drug related issues. This necessitates a further level of care, which is oftentimes are extremely challenging and requires ongoing, specialist attention. With the ever-increasing rate of socio-economic difficulties coupled to drug and alcohol abuse in most South African communities, there is an overwhelming need for safe houses and the very special people committed to caring for these children. 

Matthew Overmeyer – Tenor

Taking into account all the challenges these children face and the traumas they have already been through, we strive to ensure that our safe house is not just a temporary shelter where children are simply fed and clothed, but a home where their broken hearts and spirits are uplifted for as long as they are with us. For us to continue our work in the community and to keep our doors open costs in the region of R50 000 per month

Please join me to support this very worthy cause that is very close to my own heart.

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