My Thoughts On Artist Self Promotion

People often under-estimate the amount of work necessary, when one is an unsigned musician or artist. It IS possible to be very successful as a musician in 2020. Yes, you can do it! The truth IS you need the support of your fans, family and friends to buy your music and to promote your brand. Self-promotion is incredibly hard work for an artist and the reality is without sales an artist simply cannot survive or continue to produce more music.

From my personal experience, it takes passion, dedication and hard work to get to be recognised in this industry. As many of you know, my colleague Nina Andreeva and I released our first CD late in 2019. We could not have done this without the incredible help and tireless work from a dear friend Mr Joao Dos Santos (owner of JS productions).

Here is ( from our CD INSPIRATION) Canto Della Terra ( Song Of The Earth)

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